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Wholesale Brand Name Closeout Cosmetics

The Closeout Club offers you wholesale Maybelline, L’Oreal and other assorted brand name beauty products and cosmetics for skin care, hair color, hair care, and much more. All of our items are available at unbelievably low prices.

Our range of wholesale closeout cosmetics comes with the best deals on the internet. We are the primary source for cosmetics distributors and suppliers in the United States. Our wholesale cosmetics are available for flea market vendors, buyers, auctioneers, brokers, distributors etc.    

Buy wholesale cosmetics from the Closeout Club and avoid the middle man. The Closeout Club is the #1 wholesale salvage, store return and closeout wholesaler. Whether you are considering shopping for products by the pallet, by the truckload, you get to save all the intermediate expenses or costs because we serve as the primary source for the other distributors and suppliers in the US.

The Closeout Club offers wholesale cosmetics in larger quantities. We have experienced huge success with our range of wholesale cosmetic products. We take great care in offering you with the best brand name cosmetics on the wholesale and closeout market.

Call us right away and we will be happy to meet all of your closeout cosmetic requirements.  We have been dealing with wholesale merchandise including surplus cosmetics, overstock cosmetics, and other clearance merchandise for several years. All our overstock cosmetics contain a mixture of lotion, fragrances, perfumes, colognes, makeup, lip liner, lip glosses, mascara, foundation, liner brushes, manicure and much more.

At the Closeout Club, you can several high end cosmetics from several well known brands like Chanel, Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Armani, Maybelline, Max Factor, Revlon, L’Oreal, Shiseido, Origins, Kathy Hilton, Max, Philosophy, Urban Decay and others. Such high end cosmetics are not easily available on the secondary liquidation market in order to safeguard their brand integrity.

If you are looking for closeout cosmetics choose the Closeout Club which specializes in the closeout merchandise. All items available with us contain several varieties. We provide name brand cosmetics closeouts from several cosmetic brands. Some of these include surplus cosmetics, cosmetic liquidations, cosmetics pallets, cosmetics truckloads and cosmetics shelf pulls.

With a fine assortment of perfumes, colognes, make up, fragrances, press powder, lip sticks, foundation, and much more, the Closeout Club is pleased to offer a variety and quality of brand new cosmetics to all its customers. Find some of the most awesome deals on different high end cosmetics. Get guaranteed low minimums. Ensure guaranteed excellent quality on all of the great cosmetic deals available with the Closeout Club.

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