THE CLOSEOUT CLUB, INC. Closeouts, Store Returns, Over Stock, liquidations or Salvage Merchandise.
THE CLOSEOUT CLUB, INC. carries several lines of brand name merchandise from major department stores being either  Closeouts, Store Returns, Over Stock, liquidations or Salvage Merchandise.
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The Close Out Club-The Premier Wholesale Distributor

The Close out Club is one of the leading wholesale general merchandise suppliers. Of all the general merchandise wholesalers and suppliers, The Close out Club stands distinct in terms of its wide diversity of supplies. We specialize in supplying you a great diversity of wholesale overstock, wholesale liquidation, book closeouts, wholesale general merchandise, wholesale clothing, liquidation merchandise, liquidation surplus, wholesale apparel, and wholesale discount store goods.

We essentially supply a wide variety of wholesale general merchandise that includes a range of items including lawn and garden products, wholesale clothing and garments, home decor, seasonal items, books, small furniture, close outs, liquidation merchandise, kitchen items, household items, personal care items, gift items, domestics and much more.

Our wholesale general merchandise are also available in many different ways those depending on the deal. The deals are usually available in special deal, single pallet, multi pallet and even box lots that may be available at any particular time. If you have any queries related to our wholesale general merchandise service and items on offer, you can always contact us directly.

Email or call us directly to get a suitable answer to any of your queries whether related to wholesale general merchandise, wholesale garments, wholesale liquidation, book closeouts or any other. We, at The Close Out Club will be happy to help you out in whichever way it is possible. We strive to bring you the best through our wholesale general merchandise services.

As one of the trusted wholesale general merchandise supplier, we strive to be your preferred bulk merchandise supplier. We will be happy to help you with all your specific shopping requirements, whether by the box, container or pallet. We can help in most requirements. If you are not able to view things that you are looking for in our wholesale general merchandise, then you can call our general manager operations regarding the general merchandise item those arriving daily.

The Close Out Club even carries a great variety of closeout general merchandise. We usually take great care in offering you with the best brands in the general merchandise on closeout and the wholesale market. You can find our closeout general merchandise lot to contain the brand new items direct from the distributor and manufacturers and from the department store overstocks and shelf pulls.

At The Close Out Club, we even liquidate the closeout general merchandise items on regular basis so that our stock of wholesale general merchandise remains fresh and always changing. Itís our responsibility to bring you something different and special each time. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to check out the range of items available from time to time.

With us, you can essentially find all kinds of small and large general merchandise lots in a huge range of qualities and price points. All items that you choose from us will be perfect for any retail outlets, flea market, online seller, exporter etc. We, at The Close Out Club are responsible to ship all the wholesale general merchandise items with care and precision. We can assist you in meeting your shipping requirements. We usually ship at a minimal cost.

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