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The Closeout Club- Home to Surplus Linens, Domestics, Linens Closeout, Linens Overstock Merchandise!

The Closeout Club serves as a direct source for surplus, wholesale, closeout, overstock linens and domestics. We, at the Closeout Club are familiar with the rapidly changing business environment of today. We are all set to focus and meet on our various needs and desires of our vast clientele.

We offer a variety of wholesale, overstock, closeout, liquidation and surplus brand name lines such as sheet sets, beds in a bag, pillows, down comforters, bath mats, high thread count, sheet sets, lace panels, towels, comforters, curtains, bed in bags, 7 piece comforter sets and much more. 

With several years of experience in closeout trade industry, The Closeout Club has earned a good reputation among the leading suppliers and manufacturers. We value our business relationships and strive to form long lasting corporate relationships. All items in our offerings are 1st quality and brand new and you won’t get defective or damage products.

Based on our highest standards of services, our clients trust on us whenever in need.  We are dedicated to bring a vast collection of merchandise at a low cost in order to pass on the benefits of low overhead to you. Today, the Closeout Club is the most prominent direct wholesaler of the overstock linens merchandise in the United States.

There are many department stores that liquidate their overstock bedding products, bedding closeouts and linens to us. We then re-wholesale the products to many different outlets. Most of our outlets where we sell closeout and overstock bedding products and linens items are retailers, discount store owners, flea market vendors, live auction houses, jobbers and eBay power sellers.

The Closeout Club receives tons of merchandise each day. Therefore, we can offer you with special offers that can assist you to make profit in the discount stores, online auctions, flea markets, storefronts and literally anywhere else where people are seeking to make some more money. Our prices are quite low enough in order to supply our clients the best selection while letting you to make a good profit.

At the Closeout Club, we sell surplus, overstock, liquidation domestics and linens by the pallet, by the piece and by the truckload. We are highly focused on the closeout, wholesale, overstock, surplus linens and domestics. If you are in search of other kinds of merchandise, then please visit our wholesale section. Additionally, browse through our hot deals and special offers in the wholesale closeout.

No Cherry Pick loads. You can find a great assortment of bedding and linen merchandise picked out at a random from the truckloads and shipped to you.

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