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The Closeout Club offers you a whole range of wholesale toys, liquidator toys, overstock toys, closeout toys, name brand toys, discount toys, cheap toys, educational toys, toy lots, toy containers, surplus toys, liquidations toy, off price toys, customer returns toys, merchandise toys, toys bulk, toys inventory.

The Closeout Club is a licensed and leading distributor of wholesale toy merchandise which includes collectibles, action figures, models and toys. We, at the Closeout Club specialize in selling brand name toys liquidations from diverse toys manufacturers such as Milton Bradley Hasbro, Barbie, Galoob, Disney, Leapster, Sesame Street, Mattel and much more. Our wholesale toys are brand new overstock which were sold in many different stores.

At the Closeout Club, you can expect a great variety of brand name toys from the major toys store chain. With us you can expect a great assortment of dolls, games, strollers, girl’s toys, boy toys, and much more. The truckloads can include baby toys, arts and crafts, outdoor toys, remote control cars, dolls, board games, toy houses, building blocks, toddler toys, puzzles, and many more.

Our huge variety of merchandise is great for export, retail stores, flea markets and auctions. We have been supplying small and large retailers in the United States. Right on this website, you can browse through our full range of real time product catalog and place orders online. With an easy-to-use shopping cart system, you can place your orders online.

Purchase from the Closeout Club and ensure the right potential to double your money by selling brand new toys for much less than any other toy stores in your area. The Close Out Club offers new toys which would be below the wholesale cost. All toys will be in their original packaging or boxes.

Expect to find a good selection of all new and latest toys for girls and boys of all ages. We do not include damaged or broken toys. All our items are shelf ready for display. Our collection includes a wide assortment and variety and will definitely appeal to girls and boys of all ages. Purchase new toys at salvage rates. We provide continuous supply to all our customers. We even provide fast shipping options for export. 

Toys are some of the fun items to sell on the discount store and ebay. We guarantee that the toys we sell you do not contain any kind of perilous chemical or lead paint and have not been recalled by the manufacturers as hazardous.

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